Silence Lectures
Lillian Necakov

next time, there will be no fire
just a stranger

Two Poems
Winston Plowes

wondering how he came to be
spending a night of awe
like highly tuned stardust.

Rubbish for Bowie
Jesse Nathan

I think I saw you
In this song

Three Poems
Marianne Dages

It is about us
on our first day

Rebecca Yates

The planets, space, the moon
And the stars.

Two Poems
Erica Gerald Mason

the stranger hmm
I’m glad you
brought that up.

Dan Chelotti

Feelings biological and psychological
Stood allegiance with fantasy.

John, I’m Only Dancing
Mark Noack

the person who’s lost his name feels

Celebrity: An Elegy
Patrick Gaughan

Permission to
be someone else

The Satyricon of Maxwell Demon
Vincent Toro

I’ve got a stubborn impulse to be more than human.

I Get Bored Very Quickly
John Farmer

love terrifies me

Best Of
Sarah Ann Winn

you, you’re natural.